Emirgan Sütiş



Everyone who starts the day with natural breakfast items offered by Emirgan Sütiş and closes the day with the freshest desserts of Emirgan Sütiş knows our sweet story well.

Journey of Sütiş has started with Mevlüt Kocadağ. Mevlüt Kocadağ is the grandson of Hacı Mehmet Ağa, who was famous for his cakes and pastries in Batum, Georgia in the 1850s and the son-in-law of Sütçü Ahmet, who was famous for his milky desserts at that time.

Leaving the family business at a young age in 1953, Mevlüt Kocadağ established first Sütiş shop in Nişantaşı and laid the foundations of today’s Emirgan Sütiş brand. Sütiş had become one of the most famous milk pudding shops in Istanbul after its half-century long journey, after opening the Taksim Branch in addition to Nişantaşı branch in 1982. Sütiş neighbored the Bosporus by opening a branch in Emirgan in 1986 and then Sütiş had become “Emirgan Sütiş”…

We still prepare all our milky desserts which are considered as the key to our success by their original recipes. The source of our product and service quality that comes along with our 70 years of experience is our sense of “satisfaction-oriented” hospitality towards our guests. Today, we continue our journey by improving the delicacies we offer under the guidance of the 3rd generation.



The milk we use in our recipes comes daily from Sütiş Farm established on 50 thousand square meters of land in Vize, Kırklareli, Turkey. We use 70% buffalo milk and 30% cow’s milk mixture in all our milky desserts.

We produce our own cheese products in our own production facility using 4,5 tons of daily milk from our farm.

Our tea is picked in Rize in the first harvest of the year and rested in our warehouse for 1 year before serving.

Meat products we use come from the calves raised in Artvin and Susurluk regions in Turkey.

We produce our own breads. Our breads prepared with 25 year old ‘sourdough’ does not contain any additives. Bread mixes are prepared by our experienced bread makers by using traditional methods. We offer freshly baked and warm breads at any time throughout the day, with our ovens operating 24 hours a day.

Our organic, Emirgan Sütiş brand honey that is available in our Emirgan and Çengelköy stores is produced at 1500 m altitude on the foothills of Altıparmak Mountain in Artvin, Yusufeli District by using 100% natural methods. Our production site embraces 60 endemic flower species and it is completely free from human factor. Wildlife of the bees are not interfered with for any reason whatsoever.